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Step into a world of academic and professional transformation as you become a valued member of the Employable Students Society (EAS). Membership with EAS opens doors to a world of opportunities and resources dedicated to enhancing your employability and personal growth.

Unlock Comprehensive Membership Benefits with EAS

Explore possibilities as we unlock valuable work placement opportunities for you. Leverage our robust network of employers offering exclusive placements that align with your field of study, providing practical experiences that resonate with your academic pursuits.

  • Forge Connections:Connect with fellow students, professionals, and employers through exclusive networking events. Expand your professional circle and build lasting relationships.
  • Sharpen Skills: Attend workshops, seminars, and training sessions tailored to enhance your employability skills. Equip yourself for the challenges of the evolving job market.
  • Exclusive Access to Events: Enjoy priority access to EAS events, including career fairs, panel discussions, and mentorship programs. Gain unique insights and seize opportunities for career development.
  • Early Job Postings Advantage: Gain a competitive edge by accessing early job postings on our dedicated platform. Stay ahead in the job search process.
  • Guidance through Mentorship: Participate in our mentorship program, connecting with experienced professionals. Receive valuable advice to navigate your academic and professional path.
  • Unlock Work Placement Opportunities: Access exclusive work placement opportunities aligned with your field. Leverage our robust employer network for practical experiences matching your academic pursuits.
  • Network in the Corporate Sector: Foster meaningful relationships with professionals through dynamic networking events. Utilize EAS as your gateway to exclusive work placements and connect with our strong network of employers.
  • Pride in Membership with Exclusive Merchandise: Showcase your commitment to development with our exclusive merchandise. Flaunt branded clothing and stationery—a symbol of affiliation with a community that values continuous learning.
  • Free Entry to Employers' Events: Enjoy complimentary entry to employers' events organized by EAS. Proudly display your EAS membership, gaining access to potential employers and industry insights.
  • Diverse Industrial Placement Opportunities: Explore a spectrum of industrial placement opportunities, both full-time and part-time. Benefit from job listings tailored to your skills and aspirations in collaboration with employers.

How to Embrace Membership?

Visit Our Website

  • Explore www.easociety.org.

Navigate the Membership Section

  • Head to the "Membership" section on our website.

Complete the Registration Form

  • Fill out the registration form with the necessary details.

Welcome to EAS

  • Upon registration, receive a confirmation and a warm welcome to the vibrant EAS community.

Connect, Grow, Succeed

Joining EAS is more than a commitment; it invests in your future success. Be part of a community where talent flourishes, connections thrive, and opportunities abound. Take the initial step towards an enriched journey by becoming a proud member of the Employable Students Society.
For membership-related inquiries, contact us at info@easociety.org or 0208 992 4506.