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Our Team

Step into the vibrant heart of the KBM Employable Students Society (EAS) – led by our dedicated CEO, Salman Khan. Our strength is derived from each team member's diverse skills and enthusiasm.

With a wealth of experience in education, training, recruitment, employability programmes, and leadership, Salman Khan provides visionary guidance, steering the team towards our shared mission of empowering students and professionals on their journey to success.

At EAS, we take pride in our team, a dynamic blend of experts in critical roles, each dedicated to our shared mission of empowering individuals on their journey to success.

Our team includes the Programme Directors developing and implementing various initiatives and the Marketing personnel crafting and executing strategies to promote the organisation and its events.

The Events Coordinator ensures the seamless planning and execution of workshops and activities, while the Mentorship Coordinator facilitates valuable connections between students and industry professionals. The Membership Coordinator manages our membership programmes, fostering engagement and a positive experience.

Our Public Relations (PR) Specialist handles communication with the media and the public, shaping the organisation's image. The Educational Outreach Coordinator actively engages with educational institutions, and the Human Resources Manager oversees recruitment, training, and employee relations.

What makes our team unique is the expertise each member brings to their respective roles, with Salman Khan, our CEO, providing valuable leadership. Each EAS team member plays a significant role in shaping the EAS experience, whether through organising impactful events, offering mentorship, or designing innovative programmes.

In this place, growth, learning, and success know no bounds. Meet the people who make it happen, and let's embark on this journey together.

We view ourselves as colleagues and a community united by a shared purpose. As advocates for bridging the gap between education and real-world success, our team, supported by dedicated experts in critical roles, is committed to creating an environment where individuals can thrive.

EAS understands that success is a collective effort, and our collaborative approach ensures everyone's voice is heard and actively contributes to our shared goals.

Join us as we introduce you to the faces behind the scenes, each with a story, a passion, and a commitment to making KBM Employable Students Society (EAS).